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When most people think of Halloween stuff, they think of the usual items such as costumes, candy, decorations, and parties. Well, there’s a lot more Halloween stuff than you would actually ever think of! Ever thought of some fun pranks? Try sticking a fake plastic rat with red eyes in someone’s bathroom (please make sure their system can handle a fright). Or try a plastic roach in someone’s beverage. That’ll get them going!

There’s all sorts of critter toys like fake frogs, snakes, insects, spiders you could use in the trick-or-treater grab basket. If you are throwing a party for kids or adults, you could make Halloween grab bags and place a couple of critter toys in them. Don’t forget that these bugs too come in edible fashion, such as gummi spiders and gummi worms. There’s even candy body parts and gummi brains to ad to the edible horror. Don’t forget about gooey, googily eyes that you could stick on the walls or place on some Halloween cupcakes you have just baked.

Have a loved one or special friend down the road? Send them a Halloween greeting card, or simply send an electronic card via email. Most flower shops follow each holiday, and can probably make a spooky flower or cookie bouquet. Have a cubicle at work? You can dress up your day area into a night-time creep fest. Halloween screen savers/wallpapers are available online by just searching, and usually free. You can string cotton along your desk to represent fog or cobwebs. Place fake critters around cotton and use a fake skull as your pen/scissors holder. Spooky music is available in retail stores and online as well. Make sure it’s okay with your company’s policy to decorate your desk before you start!

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