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Halloween Recipes

Halloween can be your time to shine, not just with scary outdoor props or the best candy on the block, but with cookies. With a few of these Halloween hints, your Halloween recipes will be the hit of the neighborhood. Kids will be talking about your goodies for years!

Halloween recipes are easy, all you need to be is armed with a few bottles of food coloring (the gel or paste varieties work best), a good cut-out cookie recipe, some cookie cutters, and a few basic frosting recipes you can find online or your local book store. You will be able to turn your kitchen into a baking cave of horrors.

For cookie shapes, try bats, cats, witches, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, leaves, moons, broomsticks, cauldrons, spiders, eyeballs, tombstones and any other spooky shape that you can come up with! You can usually purchase the cookie cutters in some of the listed shapes, and if autumn’s got you in a creative mood…create your own!

Cookie colors are really easy; just add gel or paste food coloring to any basic rolled sugar cookie recipe. Orange of course works great and pumpkin shapes are really easy to create. Add black gel food coloring to your dough for making slithery bats and mysterious black cats. Making cookie colors can be fun as well, and with a little imagination you can create creepy colors like ghouly green, horrible orange, blood red, and midnight black by mixing different food colorings.

These are just some ideas for baking cookies for your little trick-or-treaters or for that adult Halloween party you’ve always been meaning to have. There are many creative Halloween recipes out there (even for drinkable potions to spooky pies). The real trick to it is to remember to have fun and enjoy!


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