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Halloween decorations : THE HAUNTED HOUSE

The traditional haunted house Halloween decorations is a dark or black lit room. It can be in a room of your house, in a basement or a garage. Lead people through and ask them to touch various "dead body parts". Be sure to tell them what they are touching. All the "body parts" should be cold and oiled. Several props and assistants dressed in spooky costumes will help make your haunted house successful.

Halloween decorations BODY PARTS:

You can recite in a spooky voice or tape and play the above poem while people are going through the body parts.

Halloween decorations EYEBALLS: Use peeled grapes or olives.

Halloween decorations EARS: Use dried apricots.

Halloween decorations NOSE: Carve a nose out of a carrot or potato.

Halloween decorations GUTS: Cold, oiled spaghetti or cold pork and beans.

Halloween decorations LIVER: A canned peach half.

Halloween decorations BRAINS: Freeze and thaw a big hunk of tofu and round the edges off or use a wet sponge.

Halloween decorations HAIR: Corn silk or a wig.

Halloween decorations SKIN: A soft, oiled flour tortilla

Halloween decorations VEINS: Cooked spaghetti with a touch of red and blue food coloring.

Halloween decorations TEETH: Unpopped popcorn or broken pretzels.

Halloween decorations HAND: Fill a surgical glove with water, drape it over a bowl and freeze it. Stick it in a container of dirt so the guest has to feel around in the dirt for the buried hand.

Halloween decorations FINGERS: Use chalk or cold wieners cut in half lengthwise.

Halloween decorations FRONT DOOR: Cardboard sign painted to look like old wood saying "Beware!", "Danger!" or "Go away!".

Halloween decorations COBWEBS: Fake cobwebs- the more you stretch these out, the more realistic they look. If you have any fiber stuffing you can stretch it out.

Halloween decorations FEARSOME FLAPPING BATS: Draw a large bat on a piece of paper. Cut out the bat and use it to trace bats on black cardboard. Cut out the bats. Glue fake fur bodies on the bats for a life-like feel. Attach strings or elastic thread and hang in your haunted house or porch.

Halloween decorations GIANT BLACK SPIDER: Use 2 large Styrofoam balls (one soccer ball size and one grapefruit size) and cover them with black nylon stockings for a great Halloween decorations. Push the Halloween decorations balls down into the toes as far as you can, tie a knot next to the ball & cut off the remaining nylon. Take a Popsicle stick and half of it into each foam ball to attach the head and body. Insert 8 long black pipe cleaners into body and bend them to form the legs. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner and insert in head and bend them for spider fangs. Use glow-in-the-dark tape to cut out eyes and attach to spider head. You can place the spiders in a web or attach a thread & suspend from the ceiling. Super fun Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations RATS: Stuff black socks with fiber-fill stuffing. Tie a black thread around a section for the separation between head and body. Cut the remainder of the sock off, Gather the opening with a needle and thread, stick a long black pipe cleaner in the hole. Finish pulling the gather tight and sew opening closed with pipe cleaner tail hanging out.Fold black pipe cleaners to form legs and attach to body. Cut out black felt for ears and sew to head. Sew on buttons for eyes. Easy Halloween decorations!

Halloween decorations ECTOPLASM: Combine 2 cups cornstarch, 1 cup water and a few drops of green food color together in a bowl. It has a wonderful slimy texture. It can stain fabric so make sure you have the bowl on a plastic tablecloth. As your friends walk through your haunted house, invite them to touch the ectoplasm you have in a bowl. As they squeeze the gooey mess, it will change from liquid to solid, and to them liquid again. Always provide a slime towel for them to wipe excess Halloween decorations ectoplasm from their hands.

Halloween decorations BED OF SPIKES: Paint a large piece of corrugated cardboard or slab of foam with black poster paint. With a ruler and pencil, mark the places for the "spikes"--4 rows of nine spikes.running the length of the board works well. Tear off aluminum foil about eight inches long and wrap them around pointed ice cram cones. Smooth out the wrinkles so the cones look like metal and tuck the extra foil inside the cones so it sits flat when placed on the open end. Use a glue gun to attach the cones to the board. You can't have anyone lie on it as it would break but you can prop it up against a wall or suspend it from a ceiling.

Halloween decorations BOBBING GHOSTS: Drape a large piece of cheesecloth (about 2 yards by 1 yard) over a helium-filled balloon. Gather the cheesecloth at the bottom of the balloon where the string is attached and tie it with white thread. Then draw a gruesome face on the cloth with a black or glow-in-the-dark marker. You can put them in a chest and when the chest is opened they will bob up. You can also arrange a few ghosts near an open window where a breeze or hidden fan will make them move. NOTE: Cheesecloth is great for many Halloween decorations. Be creative!!!

Halloween decorations FOG BOG: Break up a few pounds of dry ice (several chunks about the size of soup cans) in a large metal washtub. Be sure to wear heavy gloves when handling the dry ice. Add 3 to 4 pails warm water. This gives off a wonderfully thick fog as it melts in warm water. Put a small fan near the dry ice to spread the fog around the room. Some spooky swamp sounds played on a tape recorder and two dim night lights, with green bulbs, placed at the floor level will add tremendously to the weirdness of your indoor fog. If you live in an area that has crickets chirping at night, take a cassette tape player outside and just record the sounds of nature. You may want to add your own noises with it (howls, screeches, yelps) to the background sound of the crickets for an added effect and spooky Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations FAKE FIRE: Cut or tear strips of orange and/or yellow chiffon fabric, in about 16" lengths, to make them ragged. Build your fake fire by attaching the ragged strips to the edge of a large pot or tub using duct tape. Place a hair dryer inside the pot and tape it so that it blows upward, causing the chiffon to flutter like flames. Position a string of red Christmas lights so that they shine up on the chiffon as it flutters. The Halloween decorations will look like large flames dancing in the pot.

DR. JEKYLL'S Halloween decorations POTION: Have props ready beforehand. In a clear glass pour water into it, 1/4 full, and add a few drops of green food color and mix. Put vinegar in a test tube and baking soda in a petrie dish or small glass bowl. You can set the stage further by setting up beakers, a scale, and other laboratory equipment in the background. Cover a table with a tablecloth and hide a Halloween decorations monster mask behind the table. Wear a lab coat or smock coat of some kind. When the time comes, tell your audience that you have been perfecting a magic potion and that they will witness your first experiment with the mysterious formula. Then mix the baking soda into the glass of green water and stir it. With a shaking hand, add the vinegar. The mixture will start to foam wildly--pretend to take a sip and fall to the floor behind the table, making choking noises and grasping your neck. Quickly, while out of the audiences sight, pull the monster mask on, leap to your feet, and give them a frightful roar along with a scary Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations COCKROACHES: As your guests pass through the darkened room, tell them to be careful not to step on the cockroaches because the squish when stepped on. Don't tell them that you've sprinkled a few peanut shells around the floor. Your guests will swear the place is alive with crunchy, creepy crawlers.

Halloween decorations TOMBSTONES: Quick and easy Halloween decorations gravestones can be made of cardboard decorated with poster paint and marking pens. Paint the tombstones gray and write on them with black marker. You can also use Styrofoam slabs instead of cardboard. More permanent ones can by made of wood in the shape of crosses and plywood, cut out with a jigsaw, made in interesting shapes. Make them longer than needed and partially bury them with a few dead leaves up against them. Place some of them at weird angles and place a shovel near one of them for a supreme Halloween decorations effect.

Halloween decorations SOUND EFFECTS: See if your local library has any recordings of spooky sounds. You can also download many sound files from the net. If you want to make your own here are a few to try.

Halloween decorations THUNDER: Thunder can be recorded live or by created by taping the sound of a very large piece of poster board or sheet metal, shaken so that it wiggles and wobbles.

Halloween decorations RAIN: You may be able to get the sound of real rain lashing at a window, Otherwise record the sound of uncooked rice being poured onto a metal cookie sheet.

Halloween decorations FOOTSTEPS: If you have a room with a slight echo and wooden floors, simply hold the microphone close to the flood as you walk along in a pair of leather shoes. Otherwise, try walking on a wooden board wearing leather shoes.

Halloween decorations WOLF HOWLS: Cup your hands around your mouth and let loose with a high-pitched yelping howl.

Halloween decorations ROARING FIRE: Simply crinkle a handful of cellophane or thin plastic wrapping material close to the microphone. A plastic sheet protector also works great.

Halloween decorations SCREAMS: Nothing will do like the real thing. Get several of your friends together and let loose.

Halloween decorations BREAKING BONES: Try snapping carrots in half

Halloween decorations FLAPPING BATS: Wiggle a plastic bag that has been folded in half in front of the microphone.

SLIMY BOG: You can create this lovely sound by slowly blowing bubbles into a large bowl of water...the slower you blow, the murkier it sounds.

Halloween decorations SHATTERING GLASS: This is not the best to capture live. Instead get some small pieces of scrap metal from a hardware store and drop them against a cement floor or onto a metal cookie sheet.

Halloween decorations WICKED WIND: Howling, moaning wind sounds are a haunted house must! Make them by experimenting with your own voice and by blowing hard into the microphone.

Halloween decorations RATTLING CHAINS & MOANS: Any cellar dungeon would be incomplete without the racket made by moaning prisoners rattling their chains and banging tin cups against the bars. A heavy bicycle security chain, tin cup and frying pan are all you need.

Halloween decorations CREAKING HINGES: Hunt around your house or neighborhood for a door or gate that's well rusted Try holding the microphone close to the hinge so the sound reverberates.

Halloween decorations MISCELLANEOUS MAYHEM: Other sounds you can make with your own voice and a few simple objects include: pounding on doors and shouting, a door knocker, muffled shouting, a door slamming shut, chalk screeching on a blackboard, and various moans, groans, shrieks, hollers and shouts.

Halloween decorations SPOOKY MUSIC Here are a few examples of spooky music you can try:

Alfred Hitchcock's theme song "The Funeral March of a Marionette"

"The Twilight Zone" t.v. show theme song

The overture from the "Phantom of the Opera"

"The Death March" by Chopin

The soundtrack from the movie "Psycho"

"The Firebird" by Stravinsky

"Night on Bald Mountain" by Mussorgsky

"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Bach

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