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Halloween Candy

It’s that time of the year again, when summer has eased away and all of a sudden in the aisles of your favorite store you see Halloween candy. Candy corn, small packages of miniature candy bars, Bottle Caps, gum, fake wax lips, and as always, vampire teeth are the typical items you might see sitting there waiting to be purchased.

Have you ever wondered which is the most popular amongst the little trick-or-treaters? Candy bars seem to be the biggest hit each year for the kids. But which ones are the kids eating the most of? Consumer Reports 4 Kids rounded up 38 kids for what they called The Great Halloween Candy Taste Test. They cut six candy bars into same-size chunks and scraped off identifying marks (so kids wouldn't know which candy bars they were tasting). Then they labeled the mystery chunks with code letters. Kids tasted one mystery chunk, then rated its taste and tried to identify its ingredients.

All six of the candy bars had similar ingredients: caramel, chocolate, wafers, peanut butter, and peanuts. The reason why is because "Chocolate, caramel, and peanut are the most popular flavors in candy in the U.S." explains Charles Duncan, the head of research and development for Hershey. "All candy companies are trying to deliver these flavors.” A representative for Mars says, “We must be creative to keep our brands fresh.” Rehashing, remixing, and repackaging the same basic ingredients is one way to put "energy into old candies." So which candy bars did the kids rate the best? Twix and 100 Grand scored very good, Kit Kat and Whatchamacallit scored good, and Reese’s Cups and Bars scored fair.

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