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Childrens Halloween Costume Safety Tips
Halloween is a great time for children. Here are some safety rules, particularly when trick or treating, that will be beneficial when letting your little ones out to gather candy. These Childrens Halloween costume tips will help you to keep your kids safe during this fun time. Childrens Halloween Costumes!

Your childrens safety can be maintained with the following simple suggestions in mind. Make sure that drivers can see your children. Use bright fabrics and decorate childrens halloween costumes with with reflective tape. Give each child a flashlight to carry.

To prevent falling, your childrens Halloween costume and shoes should fit properly. Childrens Halloween costumes should not be longer than your child's ankles, and lay right above the actual shor.

If you are making a childrens Halloween costume, use materials that are fire resistant. If you are buying a costume, make sure it is labeled flame resistant. This means that the costume could catch fire, but it will resist burning. Avoid childrens Halloween costumes with loose sleeves, pants, and skirts.

All childrens Halloween costume accessories such as swords or knives should be made of soft, flexible material.
If your childrens face is sensative try wearing face paint or make-up instead of a mask. Make-up and face paint are better than masks because they don't block your child's ability to see. If your childrens costume consists of wearing a hat, wig, or scarf, tie it securely so that it won't slip over your childrens eyes.

Here are some ideas for childrens Halloween costumes!!

Skunk Childrens Halloween Costume
Black with white strip down the pack.. be careful everyone may run
Bunny Childrens Halloween Costume
Pink, brown, or white, add a powder puff or large pom-pom to the backside, and a set of ears make from constriction paper and a plastic headband. Now just hop on out and enjoy
Childrnes Turtle Halloween Costume
Green with a piece of poster board attached to the back. Simple cut the poster board into a large oval, make random marks like a turtle shell, and paint.
Childrnes Puppy Halloween Costume
Brown, tan or white, either paint, or pin paper spots on. Make floppy ears and bobby pin to hair over your ears. The tale can be most anything, depending on what type of doggie you wish to be. Add a little make-up.
Childrnes Kitten Halloween Costume
Gold, brown, tan, white. Make ears from construction paper, attach to head band or bobby pin in to hair. Sew a simple round tale, and pin on.
Childrnes Spider Halloween Costume
Black, For the legs grab some cheap black hose, stuff with any thing dark and light weight. Either sew, or staple to keep stuffing from falling out. Pin to clothing, add a little make-up
Childrnes Lady Bug Halloween Costume
black sweats and black sweat shirt (and a pair of black shoes). Use a large piece of poster board or cardboard and cut out a large oval. Paint it red with black dots. Staple black elastic pieces (in a loop) onto the board to make arm holes. For the antenna atatch craft pipe cleaners with black pom poms on the ends to a headband.
Childrnes Snowman Halloween Costume
Last year my 3 year old was a snowman. It was the easiest costume so far! I bought white sweats, christmas socks, white keds tennis shoes, a cheap black hat, fake snow, mittens, scarf and black pom poms for the coal! I sprayed the hat to look like snow and added a cheap red bird from the craft store. I bought a white mask and bought a cheap carrot from the craft store and glued it onto the nose part of the mask. I glued the pompoms on his sweatshirt and that was it. Cheap, simple and he was adorable. Besides he was the only frosty we saw! He also had to have white face makeup on!!

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