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Halloween is here and your kids are looking forward to picking out their children’s Halloween costumes. It’s always so much fun to see your child’s choices of what character to be, selectively picking out their favorite child Halloween costume. What will they be this year? A werewolf, a witch, an action figure or superhero?

It’s good to let your child have their own ideas of who they would like to pretend to be. It is believed to build character and confidence and allows them to use their imaginations. Explore the possibilities and see what you and your children come up with for their children’s Halloween costumes. You’ll probably be surprised!

Craft stores are great places to go shopping for homemade child Halloween costumes. Here, there are isles of items ranging from fuzzy hair to googley eyeballs, glue and construction paper to foam. Children especially get a kick out of shopping for their costumes, and parents especially love the low cost of making them.

where to find costumes?